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The content of the characters, words and numbers that you ask us to engrave is certainly important, but the tone of those characters, words, and numbers can vary depending on the font you select.

The Power of Fonts

In today’s day and age, there is a seemingly infinite number of fonts for people to choose from when writing, typing, or engraving something. Some fonts, such as block letters or bold fonts, give off a feeling of power; on the other hand, italicized, cursive, or brush letters tend to come with a more flashy vibe. From serif fonts to sans-serif fonts, from cursive fonts to speed fonts, and everything in between, whatever type of feel you’d like the text to give off, we will work with you to select a font that will do that.

There’s no such thing as a tone of voice with words that are written as opposed to spoken. You cannot hear or detect a person’s mood as easily with written words as you can when you hear them with your ears. However, your choice of font can help make up some of that ground. Something as small as a serif- or a small triangle or line- besides the stem of a letter can portray a different tone than a font without it, and it could make all the difference between portraying your true tone or not.

Throughout the age of the internet, various people and systems have crafted a seemingly infinite array of different font styles that can be used on websites or documents… or in our case, on the item, you’d like us to engrave. When you’re looking to engrave a special item with Dockside Engraving, you can choose from just about any of them- if we can access that font, we can engrave your item with it!

Choose your font

Below, you will see the most popular font styles among our clients. If you have a certain font in mind for your engraving that does not appear below, please contact us with the name of the font, and we will do our best to accommodate your requested font!

About Us

Dockside Engraving has a special origin story in that the people who founded our company initially did so as a hobby. Over the years, however, Dockside Engraving became so popular that we realized the only way we could keep up with demand was to turn our hobby into a full-time job. So that’s what we did.

Today, Dockside Engraving operates as a symbol of the American dream: we do our favorite thing in the world as a full-time job. And every customer we work with can rest assured that the engraving they receive was crafted by someone who wouldn’t want to do anything else.